Recommended Resources


At the Altar of Sexual IdolatrySteve Gallagher
Love Into Light: The Gospel, the Homosexual and the ChurchPeter Hubbard
Pure Freedom: Breaking the Addiction to PornographyMike Cleveland
The Truth About Same-Sex MarriageErwin Lutzer
The War Within: Gaining Victory in the Battle for Sexual PurityRobert Daniels


Adultery and Counseling in the Local Church
Enslaved to Porn: Why I Returned Again and Again to Pornography
Forgiveness After Sexual Sin in Marriage
Gay Marriage and the Mission of the Church
Hijacking Back Your Brain from Porn
Pornography: The New Narcotic
Porn, Pride, and Praise: An Interview with Heath Lambert
Sexual Purity: 16 Things You Need to Know
What Will Be the Cost to the Church?

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