Spiritual warfare is a reality that is ever present, but can often can go unnoticed.

When things in life are great – the family’s healthy, the bank account’s growing, work is fulfilling, relationships are filled with love – we can tend to be completely ignorant of the war being raged all around us. We are encouraged – by the spiritual forces of darkness and our own sinful flesh – to settle in, fall in love with comfort, and thus become blind to the dangers that war brings. And our blindness leads us to let our guard down.

On the other hand, we can also be blind to the realities of war when things in life don’t go the way we want. When pain and trials invade our lives, we tend to doubt God’s love for us, His presence in our lives, His goodness. In the moment we may not view these doubts as being part of spiritual warfare, but that’s exactly what they are. Just as Satan did in the Garden with Eve, he seeks in every way possible to encourage us to doubt the character of God.

So then, spiritual warfare is a normal reality both in times of ease and times of hardship. And since this is true, we would all do well to better prepare ourselves for battle. Satan wishes to destroy us in battle, he “prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.”1 One of the ways we can better defend ourselves is by understanding our enemy’s methods of warfare.

On the blog of the CCEF, Ed Welch writes a very helpful article titled, “Satan’s Strategies.” Welch begins by showing us how important it is that we be aware of the enemy’s schemes in war. His opening paragraph says:

In a world of shysters and cons, you are wise to be alert to their strategies. When at the train station in Rome, pickpockets are everywhere so keep money and important documents secure. When you receive internet requests for money, ignore them. When you are promised a 10% return on your investment, don’t give up a penny. And when you have an enemy who is always out to get you, stay current with his schemes.

The rest of the article can be accessed here. In it Welch lists out several specific strategies Satan uses to wage war against us. I pray the article will be a help to you, as it was to me, in better preparing for and understanding the spiritual warfare we all face.

  1. 1 Peter 5:8
While God is faithful to change hearts and minds in the lives of His children, we also understand that change is a process, and often times far from simplistic or quick. Habits of life and thinking tend to change over time as the Holy Spirit works in hearts. This process of change is called “progressive sanctification.” It can be helpful and sometimes necessary to seek help from other Christians who can faithfully lead and walk with us, providing biblical encouragement and instruction along the way for the implementation of God-honoring, Christ-centered change. If you are struggling with life’s challenges, we would encourage you to seek help from your pastor, a godly friend, or a biblical counselor who is committed to seeking answers from God’s Word. To find a biblical counselor you can contact us or visit biblicalcounseling.com to find a counselor in your area.
What to Expect in Spiritual Warfare