We are excited to announce that Grace Biblical Counseling Ministries is now offering biblical counseling training classes.

Our hope and prayer for these classes is that they will help equip Christians in two main ways: first, to apply Scripture to their own personal struggles in life, and second, to apply Scripture to the struggles of others, whether through formal counseling or informal conversations.

  • Counseling training will be presented in blocks consisting of five to six weekly classes.
  • Each block will cover a different topic, and there will be a total of four blocks scheduled over the course of Summer 2015 through Spring 2016.
  • Training will be held on Wednesday evenings from 7:00–9:00pm.
  • Materials will be provided cost-free to all attendees.
  • Training follows the model of the Basic Training Course from the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors.
  • Training is also open to high school aged children. Mature topics will be announced in advance.

Block 1: Basics of Biblical Counseling

    Last completed July 29 – August 26, 2015. Next scheduled for Summer 2016.

Block 2: Common Subjects in Biblical Counseling

    Last completed September 30 – November 4, 2015. Next scheduled for Fall 2016.

Block 3: Marriage

    January 13, 2016 – God’s Design for Marriage
    January 20, 2016 – Roles of the Wife
    January 27, 2016 – Roles of the Husband and Communication
    February 3, 2016 – Biblical Sexuality
    February 10, 2016 – Finances

Block 4: Parenting

    March 16 – April 13, 2016

Registration is requested for all who plan to attend training

While God is faithful to change hearts and minds in the lives of His children, we also understand that change is a process, and often times far from simplistic or quick. Habits of life and thinking tend to change over time as the Holy Spirit works in hearts. This process of change is called “progressive sanctification.” It can be helpful and sometimes necessary to seek help from other Christians who can faithfully lead and walk with us, providing biblical encouragement and instruction along the way for the implementation of God-honoring, Christ-centered change. If you are struggling with life’s challenges, we would encourage you to seek help from your pastor, a godly friend, or a biblical counselor who is committed to seeking answers from God’s Word. To find a biblical counselor you can contact us or visit biblicalcounseling.com to find a counselor in your area.
Biblical Counseling Training

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